1.Nominations may be submitted by individuals or institutions.
2.Nominations must adhere to the announced topics.
3.Translation must be either from or into Arabic.
4. Works of translation should be recent; their date of publication must not exceed five years before the date of nomination (not before 2006 g.
5.Works that have previously received an award for translation may not be nominated.
6. No more than one work per translator may be nominated.


1.Original text must be distinguished.
2.Text must be written in the standard, formal language.
3.مBoth original and translated texts must comply with intellectual property laws.
4.Accuracy in translation and precision in documentation must be observed.


1.A completed nomination form
2.A written statement (1000 words) about the original text and the value of its translation
3.Translator’s resume & personal photo
4.A copy of the permission of translation, granted by publisher of original text
5. Three hard copies of original text and three hard copies of the translation (not to be returned whether or not the translation is awarded)