The General Egyptian Book Organization

GEBO is distinguished by its rich output of translated works, diversity of topics, and the high quality of its translations. Since its founding in 1971, GEBO has been engaged in a number of translation projects as the First Thousand Books, the Second Thousand Books, the Prize-winning Books, Exporting Arab Thought, and the Egyptian Series. Besides this diversity of books, GEBO has also translated from and into a diversity of languages (including English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Greek). 

In addition, this organization follows scientific and technical procedures in producing its translations which include careful selection of valuable texts for translation, review and verification of the quality of the translated works, and then publishing and marketing them. GEBO adheres to intellectual property laws and recognizes the copyrights of authors and publishers of the original texts. The translation works published by GEBO are generally distinguished by their clarity and quality, freedom from mistakes that would affect the meaning, and are also notable for the quality of language that is equivalent to that of the original texts.