Dr.André Miquel

 Professor André Miquel, a French national and the Chair of Arabic language and literature at the College de France as well as the General Supervisor of the National Library of France. He has a PhD in Arabic literature, and has produced more than 185 scientific works: books; translations; and literary writings.

He has concentrated on translating Arabic literature, which include Kalīlah wa Dimnah (Panchatantra), Ahsan Al- Taqasim Fi Ma'Rifat Al-Aqalim (The Best Divisions for Knowledge of the Regions), 1001 Nights, and selections from old and contemporary Arab poets.  He has several translations into French of Arabic papers and articles on literature, politics, and culture. His works have contributed to promoting and enhancing intellectual exchange between Arab and French cultures, and have provided the French library with some models of  works on Arab intellectual thought.