Dr.Abdul Wahid Lu'lu'a

Professor Abdul Wahid Lu'lu'a, an Iraqi national, with a PhD in English literature from Case Western Reserve University in the United States of America. He has worked in different universities (such as Al-Zaytoonah University in Jordan, United Arab Emirates University, International Islamic University of Malaysia, and Philadelphia University in Jordan). His contributions include more than 48 works ranging between translations, writings, and scientific research.

His most outstanding translation works include the Encyclopedia of the Terminology of Literacy Criticism (A series of 44 volumes), Modern Arabic Poetry, The Cultural Atlas of Islam, Culture and Arts in Iraq, The Question of Culture, The Qur’an & Politics, Human Rights in Arabic Texts, and Modern Iraqi Poetry. Among his translations in scientific research are Modernism in Arabic Poetry, Islam and World History, Modern Psychology from an Islamic Perspective, and Introduction to Maqasid Al Sharia (Introduction to Intents of the Islamic Law). His translated works have conveyed knowledge from and to Arabic culture and shed light on the richness of Islamic and Arabic civilizations and their role in the advancement of humanity.