Arabic Organization for Translation

The Translation Award for Institutions is awarded to the Arabic Organization for Translation (AOT). AOT launched its activities in 1999. Its translations have flourished in quality and quantity ending up with 125 masterpieces. Their fields of knowledge were varied. As well, translations from other languages were branched out to include English, French, German, and Italian. The translated works were characterized by good quality translation and clear meanings. They, also, entertained with appropriateness of procedures through a series of production stages supervised by specialty committees for revising and auditing. Respecting the rights of Intellectual Property, by the AOT, has added to the quality of these works. AOT is interested in holding conferences and forums involved in translation activities. It has organized The Arab Conference on Translation every 2 years, held the First Arab Forum on Translation, and published a specialized journal entitled Arabic Language and Translation.   AOT is, also, interested in establishing partnership relations and strategic alliances with a number of organizations that support its activities in the fields of translation.