Dr. Abdullah Bin Ali Alghasham

Dr. Abdullah Bin Ali Alghasham in collaboration with Dr. Yusuf Ahmed Barakat for their translation of Martin Eastwood’s Principles of Human  Nutrition in which he dealt with the components of nutrition, its effects, and factors that affect types of nutrition for different individuals and communities. The book presents a new vision that links the personal genetic elements of the individual to his handling of the nutrition materials.

Therefore, this work is paid great attention by specialists. Its choice for translation into Arabic is a good one that is crowned by the translators’ sober style. They maintained the contents of the book and accurately transmitted its elements and terms into Arabic. The translation is characterized by appropriateness of its semantic and grammatical structures. It is generally error-free. It is characterized by the academic honesty. It added explanations and clarifications that contributed a new scientific achievement to the Arabic library and maintained one of the aspects of knowledge communication.