Prof. Joao Baptista de Medeiros Vargens

Prof. Joao Baptista de Medeiros Vargens, a Brazilian university professor and author. Dr. de Medeiros Vargans got his Doctorate in Arabic Literature from University of Lisbon in 2000. He is a professor of Arabic at Faculty of Arts in The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is one of the well-known Brazilian researchers that have contributed in transferring Arabic culture and thoughts into Portuguese. He published an Arabic dictionary in Portuguese, designed curricula to teach Arabic, and published many studies on Arabic and Islamic cultures. Dr. de Medeiros Vargans won UNESCO Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture in 2011 for his scientific achievements. In 2000, The Luso-Arab Cooperation Institute awarded him Mdedal of Cultural Merits. Dr. de Medeiros Vargans's scientific efforts have contributed in introducing a very important element of Arab Culture to Portuguese speaking countries