Prof. Luis Miguel Perez Canada

Prof. Luis Miguel Perez Canada. A Spainish  university professor and author. Dr. Canada received his doctorate in translation from University of Malaga in 2006 and his bachelor in Arab studies from University of Granada. He is the dean of Toledo School of Translators at University of Castile-La Mancha. He taught Arabic-Spanish translation at King Fahd Higher College of Translation in Tangier in Morocco; Saint Joseph University in Lebanon; University of Baghdad in Iraq; and in Tetouan . He supervises more than 40 Arabic-Spanish translation programs in Arab literature and thought. He is also in charge of Arabic-Spanish advanced translation program at Toledo School of Translation. He organized 12 conferences on translation in Mediterranean Basin. Dr. Canada has been interested in Arabic-Spanish translation and translated books of many Arab intellectual among them are Abul ʿAla Al-Maʿarri; Jabra Ibrahim Jabra; Badr Shakir al Sayyab; Mohammed Bennis; Mourid Barghouti; and others. He published several studies on translation history, teaching, and analysis. He also authored many books among them are Learning Arabia and Translation of Arabic Literature before and after Naguib Mahfouz. Dr. Canada's efforts in translation and research have highly impacted the introduction of Arab thought and culture into Spanish speaking peoples, and his studies have contributed in knowledge transfer among human cultures.