The Tunisian Academy for Science, Arts, and Literature: Beit al-Hikma

The Tunisian Academy for Science, Arts, and Literature: Beit al-Hikma, Tunisia. The Academy was established in 1982 and has added more than 54 translated quality works to the Arabic library. These works of translation have also contributed in fostering the translation movement and enhancing the cultural dialogue among cultures and nations. All these translated works of Beit al-Hikma are distinguished by their clear thoughts, accurate expressions, right structures, and good style. All these features are due to the revision mechanism under supervision of a scientific council consisting of 80 members from five disciplines: science and math, social sciences and humanities, Islamic studies, letters and arts. This council selects the works to be translated and specialized translators for the selected books.  The Tunisian Academy for Science, Arts, and Literature respects intellectual rights of all works it translates. The Academy is well known for its activity in scientific events and in strategic alliances. It organized more than 160 scientific symposiums and held more than 247 intellectual lectures.