Dr. Bassam Baraka

Dr. Bassam Baraka for his translation of "La philosophie du langage" (in English: The Philosophy of Language) from French into Arabic, authored by Sylvain Auroux, Jacques Deschamps and DjamelKouloughli. The book discusses the main issues in language philosophy and linguistic thought. It opens new horizons in the linguistic thinking and founds what can be called "the history of linguistic thinking". Although the book was written in French, it discusses and covers all the Western thought in linguistics, linguistic thought, and the role of linguistics. All these features have given the book the comprehensiveness and specialization. This also makes the translation of the book a correction of the lack authorship in this field in Arabic and the paucity of reference books. The translation also meets the needs of Arab students, academicians and researchers to set a base for founding an intellectual scientific track.