Maqaassidh Al-Shari’ah Al-Islaamiyyah

Dr. Mohammad Al-Tahir AE-Mesawi, the Sudanese professor of Philosophy and Islamic Heritage at the University of Malaysia, has been given his share of the award for his translation from Arabic to English of the book 'Maqaassidh Al-Shari’ah Al-Islaamiyyah' (Treaties on Maqasid AL – shari'ah ), written by Mohammad Al-Tahir Ibn Ashur. 

The Arabic original is characterized by elequently dealing with the complex subject matter surrounding the area of islamic law including: the description and explanation of definite versus hypothetical aims of Sari'ah, analysis of Shari’ah rulings, criteria for Shari’ah aims, the concept of good versus bad, discussion of fitrah (natural human instinct), barriers in preventing evil, financial transactions; and other social legal issues such as: tolerance, equality, and freedom. Having thoroughly grasp the concepts and subject matter of the original Arabic text.

The translator was able to accurately produce an excellent translation that maintained consistency with the original, in terms of both meanings and language