Dr. Sherif Elwatidy

Dr. Sherif Elwatidy and Dr. Essam Elgamal, Professors of Surgery at King Saud University, was awarded for their translation from English into Arabic of the book Essential Neurosurgery, written by Andrew Kaye. The book discusses the scientific and applied essentials of neurosurgery, and is intended for both Arabic speaking physicians and newly graduated medical students. It is a rich source of information and applications, and is used by specialists and students all over the world. The translators have succeeded in selecting and translating this book which would help its readers expand their knowledge in this specific field.  

The translation of the book appears in a clear and error-free language, and follows a stylistic manner compatible with the structure of the Arabic language. It is equivalent to the original work and is similarly organized into 21 chapters. This book is considered a useful and important addition to the Arabic library in the field of neurosurgery.