“The Collapse of Globalism: And the Reinvention of the World.

 “The Collapse of Globalism: And the Reinvention of the World" of John R. Saul's Translated by dr. Mohammad Al Kholi, from English into Arabic . This book traces historically and assesses critically the globalization movement in the world. It also exposes its harm to the world economic system warning against the dangers of violations of international laws and regulations by multinational corporations and their CEOs.

The translator is credited for his selection and translation of this specific book into Arabic, particularly at a time when the world today is experiencing a severe financial crisis, some of whose causes have been addressed and warned against in this book. The translation is generally distinguished in its soundness of language, clarity of meaning, and the fluidity and coherence of its sentences. In addition, the translator’s use of explanations in the margins increases readers' awareness and knowledge of this concept. The value of the translated book is additionally enhanced by its respect for intellectual property as seen in its having obtained permission for translation from the publisher.