Dr. Saleh Almani

Dr. Saleh Almani, a Syrian free- lance translator of Spanish literature into Arabic since 1975. Dr. Almani’s scientific activities covered authoring, translation, and participation in international conferences and seminars. He frequently supervised literary translation workshops organized by Therpantes Institute in Damascus from 200 till 2012.

Dr. Almani was the first translator of works from Latin American and Spanish literature such as those by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Isabel Allende. He translated more than 38 insightful works, all of which convey a message, contribute to understand the other, and serves the mission of translation as a tool to achieve cultural rapprochement and transfer of knowledge.

Thanks to Dr. Almani, “Magic Realism” has been transferred to Arabic literature through his translations of Latin American literature. This led to the emergence of a new literary genre. Dr. Almani was honored by Toledo School of Translators in 2013 for his efforts in the service of translation.

Dr. Almani translations contributed to build bridges of cultural communication and coexistence and enhance the transfer of thought and knowledge between the Arabic and Spanish languages.