Mr. Abdulaziz Meteib Al-Rasheed

Dr. Mohd. Ibrahim Al-Sehebani, Dr. Lotfi Amer Jededeih, Dr. Emad Al-Hadi Al-Maziyoub, and Dr. Abdulaziz Meteib Al-Rasheed for their Arabic translation of the English book” Islamic Financial System: Principles & Practices” by a big number of authors. The book is a great contribution to Islamic financing as it is an enriching asset to the Arabic and foreign sources in one of the fields that is of great interest to both academicians and businessmen alike. The book combines the originality of its subject matter and its legal foundations on the one hand and the modernity of financial systems and tools on the other hand. In addition to reviewing the Islamic financing practices, the book addresses the relevant challenges and controversial issues raised by a wide variety of ancient and modern jurists, and offers proposals to deal with these issues and promote their acceptance among legislators and economists.