King Saud University Translation Center

Since its inception, the centre has produced a large number of quality translations in various fields, from a number of languages into Arabic, and vice versa. The KSUTC has translated more than 300 works from various languages in to Arabic, including English, Italian, Japanese, French, and Turkish. These translations cover several fields of study covering the Natural Sciences, Information Computer Technology, and Humanities.

The centre has also launched a specialized science translation series including the Oxford Basic Series in Chemistry, the Physics Dictionary, a general medical series under the title Lecture Notes, and other works in the medical specialist area of study. The KSUTC has developed a streamlined process for accurately translating high quality works into various target languages, whist at the same time upholding the international standards of copyright laws for intellectual property.

In addition to its translation works, the centre has also contributed to global information sharing by conducting the “Promoting Arabization and the Development of Translation” conference, invigorating the discussion of translation-related issues in the Arab world