Toledo School of Translators (University of Castilla- La Mancha)

Toledo School of Translators University of Castilla- La Mancha

Established in 1994. The school is a continuation of the old school, sponsored by Spanish kings, that flourished  in the Twelfth and Thirteenth centuries. The school has a panel of professors and translators from different Arab and Foreign universities. The school translated more than 80 books from the Arabic intellectual heritage, novels, and diaries, into Spanish. The school pays special emphasis on organizing special courses for translators, particularly academic translators, and supports research and studies on translation. It offers an MA program in translation from Arabic into Spanish. More than 1500 students, from Spain and Arab countries, graduated from this program. The school also offers programs to teach Arabic for specialists in specific fields such as the medical, social and security fields. Intensive courses for simultaneous interpreters from Arabic into Spanish are also given by the school. The schools maintains academic collaboration with a big number of Arabic and Spanish universities and institutions such as Ecole Superieure Roi Fahd de Traduction in Morocco, Saint Joseph University in Lebanon, Ain Shams University in Egypt, Universite d’ Oran Es- Senia in Algeria, University of Carthage in Tunisia, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain, Institut du Monde Arabe in France, UNESCO, the European Parliament in Belgium, the European Council in Belgium, and Darat AL Funun in Jordan.