Dr. Mona Baker

Prof. Mona Baker, who got her PhD. in translation studies from University of Manchester in UK. She is now the Director of the Centre for Translation and International Studies at the University of Manchester in England. Dr. Baker is also a founding member and the vice president of The International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS) and a member of many translation journals and periodicals editorial boards. Her interests in translation and translation theories, encourage her to author, co-author, and edit many books, among them were In Other Word: A Coursebook on Translation; Translation and Conflict: A Narrative Account; Critical Reading in Translation Studies;  Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies; Translation and Context; and Text and Technology: In Honour of John Sinclair. Dr. Baker has published more than 30 articles in translation studies in different scientific periodical and journals. Her efforts have a strong impact on the activation of the translation movement and understanding of its theories and applications.