Dr. Anna Dolinina

Prof. Anna Dolinina,  a PhD in Arabic Language and Literature and Middle Ages Poetry holder. Dr. Dolinina served as professor of Arabic Literature at Saint Petersburg State University in Russia. She has published more than 200 works in the history of Arabic Literature. She has also translated several works of middle ages and contemporary Arab authors. Some of her important translated works from Arabic into Russian include some poems of Mu'allaqat; Omar Khayyám's poems, selected poems of middle ages: poems of Umar ibn Abi Rabi'ah and Abdullah ibn al-Mu'tazz and others; and the literary selections: Maqamat Al-Hariri and Al-Hamadhani. Dr. Dolinina also translated works from contemporary Arabic Literature among them were Poems of Khalil Gibran, Ameen Rihani, Mohammad Tymor, Mikha'il Na'ima, and others. Her efforts in translating Arabic Literature into Russian have a significance role in introducing Arabic Culture to the Russian readers and have enhanced the cross-cultural communication between Arabic and Russian Cultures