King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Translation Award


It is an international award for distinguished works of translation and prominent institutions, which contributed significantly to the field of translation from and into Arabic. The award, which is located in King Abdulaziz Public Library in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was established on 31 October, 2006. In October 21 .2015 the award name was changed into (( King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Award for Translation ))


Leadership in supporting the translation movement and  civilized communication.


That the award be a bridge of communication between peoples, and a support for translators around the world through the award’s honoring of individuals and institutions interested in translation and the Arabic language.

Award Objective

1- To contribute to the transfer of knowledge from and into Arabic.
2- To promote translation into Arabic in the various fields of science.
3- To enrich the Arab archive by publishing distinguished works of translation.
4- To recognize the achievements of institutions with outstanding contributions in the field of ascientific translations from and into Arabic.
5 -To establish standards of excellence in translation with regard to originality, scientific value, and text quality.

Award Categories

1. Translation Award for Institutions
2. Translation Award in the Humanities from Arabic into Other Languages.
3. Translation Award in the Humanities from Other Languages into Arabic.
4. Translation Award in the Natural Sciences from Arabic into Other Languages.
5. Translation in the Natural Sciences from Other Languages into Arabic.
6. Translation Award for Individual Efforts in Translation.

Award value

1. Certificate (detailing reasons for granting the Award).
2. Total amount of SAR 750,000 (US $ 200,000) for categories 1-5 .
3. Total amount of SAR 500, 000 (US $ 133,000)for category 6 .
4. Commemorative Medal.

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